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NAI Peru Rosecorp
Executive Summary

NAI Peru Rosecorp is a corporate real estate firm that offers diverse real estate services in the local markets. It is a privately-help corporation that offers the following services:

• Owner and buyer representation
• Tenant representation in the lease or sale of Office, Retail, Industrial and Investment properties.
• Market Research, Valuations and Appraisals.
• Site Location Consulting and Advisory.
• Investment Advisory Services.

We specialize in professionally providing to our corporative national market all the real estate services related to our field, especially in the industrial, office and retail sectors. Our services are characterized by a high level of professionalism, knowledge, expertise, ethics and personalized attention to the client. Throughout the years, these characteristics have earned us the confidence and recommendation of our customers.

Our mission is to offer clients a consistently thorough Real Estate Assessment, giving priority to their needs and expectations, so enabling clients to make better decisions, and thus contributing actively in the attainment of the client’s and the assignment’s success.

Our Vision is to be the most respected and well-known Commercial Real Estate Company in Peru, with nationwide coverage and a global integration.

About Us

The firm’s founders are, Victor J. López B. and Norma Acurio P. It is constituted as an enterprise and began as of 1999 with the name of Rose Corporation, SAC, abbreviated Rosecorp. The founding partners have more than 20 years experience each in the corporate real estate sector. To date, Rosecorp has been able to successfully complete numerous important real estate transactions with many large and medium-sized companies in the local and transnational markets. Their work includes the active participation of real estate agents in the local markets.


VÍCTOR J. LOPEZ B. is a majority shareholder in our company and at the same time is our Legal Representative fulfilling the position of General Manager.
He is a graduate in Economy from the University of Berlin, Germany (Hochschule fuer Oekonomie zu Berlin, Germany); He has extensive experience in negotiations and management skills developed over the years, an in-depth knowledge of each of the Peru commercial real estate sectors, and experience in both local and international administrative management theory and practice. Some of his more notable traits are his initiative, empathetic capacity, and the ability to operate effectively while working under pressure. He is fluent in German and English on a practical level. His hobbies are photography, videography and tourism.

NORMA ACURIO P. is the operations manager for the organization. She specialized in industrial engineering in the University of Lima, in Lima, Peru. She has held key management positions in several well-respected companies, such as MAK Real Estate Corporation and Aspersud (the Church of the Latter Day Saints). She is graduated in Real Estate management at the Institute for Top Management in Lima, Peru. She is a committed and conscientious professional that always dedicates whatever time is needed to see that the client’s needs are satisfied.

The company has 10 people in all - two Directors, five real estate agents (three specialize in the industrial sector and two in the office and retail sectors), one executive bilingual secretary, one assistant manager and one assistant for marketing and market research.

List of service provided by our firm:

A.- Advisory and Site Location – We help our clients maximize their operations. After thoroughly analyzing our clients’ operational needs and requirements, we help them identify the most suitable property and/or facility options.
B.- Disposition of Properties - We help our clients maximize the value of their real estate assets. By designing a customized and professional marketing plan in accordance with a property’s and the market’s characteristics, we represent owners in the successful sale or rental of their properties.
C.- Investor Advisory Services – We help our investor clients maximize the value of their investment dollars. By providing detailed information on the various factors that determine market trends, values and acquisition/disposition, we help them determine the likely potential of a property’s future income generation and its trend for value appreciation into the future.
D.- Market Research, Valuations/Appraisals and General Consulting – We help our clients maximize the decisions and results affecting their real estate. By utilizing well-trained, experienced and highly respected local experts that are engineers and real estate market specialists, and by working through a tightly-managed quality control process, we provide our clients analyses and appraisals, recognized by the local institutions, which identify the true value of the market and their properties.

Brokerage Services
Industrial, Investment, Land, Office, Owner's Rep
Other Services
Appraisals, Architectural, Construction, Consulting, Corporate Services Group, Design Build, Facilities Management, Financing, Investment Services Group, Lease Administration, Market Research, Project Management, Property Management, Property Valuation, Valuation Services

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