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Serving the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul, Rochester, and St. Cloud, Minnesota markets including the Twin Cities 13 County Region in Minnesota, greater Rochester, St. Cloud, MN MSA's and Pierce and St. Croix Counties of Wisconsin

Executive Summary

Our Philosophy and Background:
Our clients rely on NAI Everest's industry leading experience in developing relationships and making connections. They value our unwavering focus in serving their best interest and enjoy the advantage of our unsurpassed market knowledge and keen insight. Only NAI Everest utilizes a unique foundation of information sharing supported by advanced technology that captures capital market dynamics and links institutions, owners and investors with assets and opportunities.

• We’re a fast growing and highly efficient team.
• We rely on each other and sophisticated, proprietary databases that allow us to process objectives and make industry connections effectively.
• We operate with a sense of urgency that capitalizes on market dynamics and conditions, we’re always one step ahead.
• We are convinced that opportunities don’t arise, we create them.

About Us

Investment Sales Multifamily and Office
Corporate Solutions

NAI Everest brings industry-leading resources to its disposition and acquisition services. Speed, agility, and keen insight are hallmarks of our services. The result is connecting properties with our exclusive list of investors and institutions. NAI Everest disposition services rely upon the skills and insight of our experienced team of brokerage, marketing and data resource management professionals. Our process begins with an internal launch meeting that unifies client's objectives with marketing and sales strategies. This launch is the beginning of a process that involves the following phases:

• Comprehensive Property Profile - market analysis, competitive review, capital market summary.
• Marketing Promotional Strategy Development - advertising, direct mail, e-mail, web listings, and public relations tactical outline.
• Sales Planning & Execution - database profile analysis, identification of network connections, direct contact with exclusive list of buyers
• Client Communication - communication of progress through activity reports and updates
• Maximum Price - The result is the capitalization of market dynamics in achieving a competitive bid environment and the maximum sales price.

Our approach is highly disciplined yet incorporates creative strategy, market knowledge, and constant communication. Our entire team is involved, committed and dedicated to pursuing our client's best interests in the transaction. NAI Everest’s key point of differentiation in our Disposition Services is the volume of strong relationships we have established with institutional and national, regional and local private equity and investors. We created and maintain a database of property and investor/institutional profiles that encompasses portfolio details and acquisition criteria of institutional, national, regional and local private equity firms and investors nationwide. Through this proprietary database, RERelate, we are able to make instant connections that take advantage of market dynamics and client needs. This advanced technology and data management system enhances the speed and volume of connections we are able to make. It ensures our clients achieve the maximum price for their asset.

The strong, trusting relationships we establish with our clients are enhanced by our immediate access to market and property information tracked by our proprietary database, RERelate. The information gathered and analyzed by the NAI Everest team allows us to utilize speed and efficiency of technology to connect our investors and institutional partners with properties that respond to their acquisition requirements promptly; when their needs change or before a property is presented to the market. It means that our clients have access to more opportunities and can make faster and better decisions armed with more information.

Advisory Services:
NAI Everest's Advisory Services provide real estate users, owners and investors with a multitude of solutions that maximize value at both the single asset and portfolio level across all disciplines of real estate. We have assisted global firms in portfolio valuation and management solutions by creating detailed property profiles and developing customized strategies to improving their approach to real estate holding. Our team has also assisted owners and users with single-asset planning and execution. Valuable services our Advisory Services Team provides include;

• Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) - we deliver a comprehensive profile of your property (multifamily, office, industrial classes) that includes an analysis of the asset, competitive market summary, and micro and macro economic dynamics in play, and capital market review. Our BOV analysis allows real estate owners the confidence to make buy/sell/hold decisions.
• Portfolio Valuation and Strategy - our relationships across the country with experienced appraisal, financing, architectural and title professionals that allow us to analyze your ownership goals, real estate utilization tactics, and growth initiatives for firms with multiple real estate holdings. The volume of experience and market knowledge our team brings allows us to consult with corporations and develop strategies that ensure a corporations real estate holdings efficiently serve their operations.
• Ongoing Portfolio Profiling and Data Management - the NAI Everest's information management team can write customized programs that assist corporations in managing their real estate holdings. Our data management team brings a consultative approach to creating and implementing systems that define and track asset value and utility at both the individual and portfolio level. We assist in the design, team implementation and training, and ongoing maintenance of property information. This service allows firms to develop cost-saving measures that ensure their real estate serves their core business.

Equity Sourcing:
NAI Everest is able to provide owners, developers and institutions with joint venture equity opportunities that other equity providers simply cannot access. This ability to match developers and owners with institutional equity relies on three unique characteristics.

• NAI Everest maintains an exclusive nationwide database of real estate equity investors. This database is customized in its tracking and profiling of acquisition criteria and portfolio goals. It allows our team to quickly identify connections and partnerships.
• Developed longstanding relationships with these contacts. NAI Everest is recognized as a trusted firm whose clear, concise manner of communication and valuable insight into capital markets presents viable opportunities to equity partners.
• NAI Everest's Equity team brings tremendous real estate development and financial experience to each relationship. We see associations, design solutions, and make connections that other firms do not have the expertise or resources to execute.

NAI Everest's Board of Director involvement, National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and involvement in in Institutional Real Estate Investors (IREI) and Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW) further expands the resources we able to offer. Because of our management and analysis of portfolio and market data, our unmatched reputation for insightful perspectives, and the loyal relationships we have cultivated, we are dedicated to custom-designing equity structures that bring workable solutions to our clients. We make powerful connections that result in market-driven real estate development and ownership.

Market Analysis:
NAI Everest provides market analysis on behalf of the real estate industry focusing primarily on multifamily housing. Our team of experts is available to assist property owners, developers, builders, investors, lenders, and government agencies in making informed decisions regarding the market potential of real estate developments.

NAI Everest provides market analysis for the following types of real estate developments:

• Market Rate Rental Housing
• Affordable and Subsidized Rental Housing
• Adult Senior Housing
• Senior Housing with Services (Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care)

NAI Everest tailors market research to meet the specific needs of the client. Assignments can range from preliminary assessments to determine if the next level of research is necessary ("go/no go" decisions) to Full Market Feasibility Studies that meet lender requirements. NAI Everest has experience conducting Full Market Feasibility Studies on multifamily developments financed through the following government programs: HUD Section 202, HUD Section 221(d), HUD Section 232, Rural Development Section 515, and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.

In addition to market assessments of individual projects, NAI Everest offers comprehensive housing needs assessments to provide government agencies with calculations of future housing needs and provide specific recommendations on developments appropriate to meet these needs. Comprehensive housing needs assessments are multi-purpose and can be used as planning aids, to solicit interest from the private developers, and to obtain funding for specific developments. Government clients include municipalities, counties, housing and redevelopment authorities, and community development agencies.

The real estate professionals of NAI Everest look forward to providing the highest level of client service and the most competitive financing terms for all of clients' commercial real estate financing needs, with the NAI Everest guarantee of execution.

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