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NAI apollo / CUBION Immobilien AG
Mulheim an der Ruhr
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We are represented across Germany with offices in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Essen.

Executive Summary

NAI apollo real estate represents NAI Global in Germany since 2000. Our group of owner-managed companies is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. We are the leading network of independent real estate consultancies in Germany. With a team of 130 professionals including MBAs, engineering graduates, lawyers, financing professionals, property consultants, residential experts and RICS qualified chartered surveyors we have been successfully advising national and international companies for more than 25 years.
Our professionals have extensive experience with all asset types, including office, industrial, retail and residential.

About Us

NAI apollo real estate was founded to compete succesfully in the German real estate market. The team's approach is client focused and combines comprehensive market knowledge and reserch-driven analysis of future prospects with global contacts and perspective. This leads to effective problem solving for clients. The firm's close relationships with institutions, investors and agents guarantee clients an advantage in their search for the right property or business partner.

For the partners of the NAI apollo real estate it is more important to have a continuous development in client relationships that short term success.

Please see our list of Services:

We support private and institutional investors all over Germany in the purchase and sale processes
for residential and commercial property. Our sales mandates range from individual multifamily houses to the structuring of complex sales process for residential and commercial portfolios with a transaction volume of several hundred million Euros.
Our strengths and expertise are in:
• Variety of asset classes (office, logistics & industry retail, residential and commercial buildings)
• Preparation of and familiarization with markets in which we lead transactions
• Advice to sellers on the structuring of potential property sales
• Production of professional and high quality sales documents
• Support for transactions through to successful conclusion
For large mandates we bring in the know-how of our expert team in the NAI apollo group. Every
team member has years of transactions experience and has proven success in every market
phase. We have also managed international sales mandates for a number of years in close cooperation with our global network of 5,000 NAI partners.

Office Letting:
We provide our clients with innovative leasing strategies and marketing campaigns. Our services also include advice to optimize our clients’ corporate real estate strategy.
We support tenants and owners across Germany in the letting of commercially used rental space in:
• Distribution warehouses
• Office properties
We create repositioning concepts and deliver detailed market data as a basis for your decisions.
As your agency, we are responsible for all steps required in the following areas:
• Market analysis
• Property presentation
• Lease negotiation
• Space planning
• Installation and removal management
Detailed knowledge about the respective properties and their markets, and about potential interest from tenants, forms the basis of our work. Our detailed market knowledge goes far beyond the information contained in the latest lease conditions for individual properties and the current availability of rental spaces. For our customers, this market expertise translates into the conclusion of lease contracts that are in line with the market and are for the most suitable rental spaces.
This knowledge lead is a significant advantage for our customers.

Residential letting:
We support owners in the letting and sale of high quality building projects, Within the frame work of our international network, we help customers implement their privatization strategies and achieve their letting / sale objectives across Germany, Our specialization in the placement of new building projects is a unique service for an international consultancy company in Germany. As experts in the residential properly market, we have successfully let or sold more than 5,000 residential units to tenants, owner-occupiers and capital investors since 2005.
In advance of a sale, we create an individual marketing concept for every residential complex.
This concept sets out the minimum lettings / sales price, the workflow and the priorities of the project. Our customers can monitor the success of the marketing measures and view the detailed
project workflow online at any lime, This level of transparency helps to inspire confidence among our customers.

Valuation Advisory & Research:
We are experienced specialists in the provision of valuation and transaction advisory services for residential property stocks in Germany. To date, we have valued more than 800,000 residential units. Depending on what is required, we provide reports of the highest quality in accordance with international valuation standards (eg RICS, TEGoVA or IVSC) and German guidelines (eg. market value in accordance with Article 196 of the German Building Code, loan value in accordance with Article 16 of the Pfandbrief Act or PfandGB).
We have valued multi-family houses and large volume residential property stocks as part of:
• Initial public offering (lPO)
• Balance sheet accounting
• Financing
• Transactions
Our high quality and detailed residential market research increases the reliability of our market values and makes the German residential market more transparent for our clients. The reports we produce are of extremely high quality and include an extensive and comprehensible explanation of the valuation method as well as a full disclosure of valuation assumptions.
We are happy to share our 10 years of experience in residential property valuation with our customers.

Property Management:
Our experienced and highly motivated experts take care on all tasks relating to commercial property management. We are your partner for the commercial and technical management of your property assets - whether multi-family houses, classic office properties or shopping centers.
We are offering the following services:
• Budget control
• Collection of receivables
• Payment control
• Rent accounting
• Tenant management
• Service charge accounts
• Property accounting
• Planning, control and monitoring of
• Building measures
• Reporting
• Control of internal and external service providers
• Lettings management
• Contract management

We exploit the advantages of our flat and efficient company structure to achieve a high degree of flexibility and speed for the implementation of your goals.

Construction Management:
Whether for tenants or owners, we deliver your building services at all sites to the point of completion with a fixed-price guarantee. This creates budget security for our customers.
From planning to the transfer of the turnkey property: our services cover all phases of the construction process. We deliver the following building services for residential and commercial property:
• Construction and renovation
• Energy system renovation
• Building on vacant lots
• Renovation of rental spaces
• Creation of rental spaces
• Take-over of incomplete building projects
In order to ensure the success of the project, we agree requirements on costs, quality and time to
completion with our customer and subsequently implement these requirements. Our focus is clearly laid out: we plan and realize your projects in such a way that ensures we adhere to agreed costs, quality requirements and deadlines.

Asset Management:
We manage property assets across Germany for our national and international clients. We have specialized in improving revenue from both residential and commercial property on a long-term basis through active and professional management. Our ongoing goal is to increase the value of the property under our management. We achieve this goal through continuous and robust measures to improve the earnings and cost situation. We exploit the advantages of our flat and efficient company structure to achieve a high degree of flexibility and speed for the implementation of goals.
As part of the NAI apollo group, we are in a position to coordinate interdisciplinary teams within the shortest possible time to carry out measures to increase the value of a properly (lettings, building management, etc.) as well as manage the properly on a commercial basis.

Corporate Finance:
Financing becomes more and more critical for a successful property investment. NAI apollo assists clients in finding and executing the optimal financing strategy in various situations, e.g. acquisitions, refinancing, restructuring situations.

The partners of NAI apollo real estate orientate themselves by the highest standards of the global markets and connect them with a federal structured expertise.

The partners of NAI apollo real estate have come together in order to become market leader in the business segments in which they offer their services.

Our Services
  • Investment
  • Leasing
  • Valuation
  • Office Letting
  • Residential Letting
  • Valuation Advisory & Research
  • Property Management
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance

NAI Global Directors

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